How to get there

  • How do I get to Leuven and how do I get around the city?
    Leuven is very centrally located in Belgium and can be easily reached from all over Europe.
    You can find all the information about accessibility on this page.

    Leuven has a very compact centre. You can find more information about how to get around the city here.

    More information on roadworks and other traffic problems can be found here.

  • Where can I park in Leuven?
    There are several very affordable car parks on the city’s outskirts. Find out more here (the information is only available in Dutch).


  • Where to spend the night in Leuven?
    You can find a list of all the accommodation in the city and book your stay on this website.
    Tip! Booking directly is often cheaper.

    You can always send an email to our reception team at visit@leuven.be or call T +32 16 20 30 20. While they cannot book accommodation for you, they can help you find the right accommodation.

  • Can I camp in Leuven?
    Leuven has no campsites. The city does, however, have parking for camper vans. You can find all the information here.
  • Where to park and spend the night with a camper van?
    There are a few spaces with facilities on the campsite in Kessel-lo. The site is located on the provincial domain. From here you can easily get to the centre of Leuven by bike or by bus.

Tourist attractions

  • Where can I find the reception of Visit Leuven?
    You can find the tourist office in the gothic Town Hall in the city centre. The entrance to the tourist office is at the side of the building. (Naamsestraat 3).

    Our office is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00., including on Sundays and public holidays (except on 25/12 and 1/1). Find us on Google Maps.

    You can also call us at +32 (0)16 20 30 20, send an email visit@leuven.be or chat with us through live chat on this website or through Facebook Messenger.

  • Does Leuven have a city card?
    You can visit all the top tourist attractions with our affordable ILUVLeuven Ticket.

    If you choose the ILUVLeuven ticket, you can join a tour of the Town Hall for 17 euros (instead of 24 euros) and visit the Town Hall (with guide), University Library (climbing the tower included) with an audio guide, M Leuven OR Park Abbey.

    Tip! Book your ticket online before visiting or upon arrival at the counter of Visit Leuven, in the University Library or at M Leuven.

  • Is a city map available?
    Yes, you can pick up a free city map from the Visit Leuven office in Naamsestraat 3. You can also view it on our website. Attention: this map is not suited for printing.
  • What are the (top) tourist attractions in Leuven?
    These are the 10 attractions you can’t afford to miss when visiting Leuven.
  • Can I visit Leuven’s Town Hall?
    Yes, you can visit our Town Hall. There are daily visits with a guide only. Availability is limited so book online before visiting to avoid disappointment.

    Want to take a peek inside? Check out the 360° photos here.

  • Which museums can I visit in Leuven?
    Leuven has several small and large museums.
    Check out the list here.
  • Can I visit a brewery in Leuven?
    Of course! You can visit several small and large breweries in and around Leuven.

    There are several guided tours in the city and guided bike/bus tours to visit breweries in the wider region.

    Tip! Book your tickets to Brewery Stella Artois in advance through our website.

  • How do I get to the other art cities from Leuven?
    Are you staying in Leuven but do you want to check out one of Belgium’s other art cities (Antwerp, Bruges, Mechelen, Ghent or Brussels)? Hop on the train for a day trip.

    Go to Belgian Train to plan your journey and book your tickets.


  • Guided walks in Leuven
    There are lots of options for exploring Leuven with a guide. All current information can be found here.

    Are there no tours scheduled during your visit? No worries, there are lots of alternatives to explore the city by yourself.

    Visiting Leuven with a group (more than 10 participants)? Want to take a guided tour of the city? You can find all the information here.

  • Can I explore Leuven by bike? And where can I rent a bicycle?
    Leuven is a very bike-friendly city. The city centre is very compact, which is why we recommend exploring it on foot. Hire a bike here to visit the neighbourhoods outside the ring road.

    There are also lots of signposted cycle tours that start from Leuven.

    Tip! Take a guided bike tour in and around Leuven with your group.

  • What can I do in Leuven with kids?
    There are lots of temporary activities for children in the city: window display tours, listening activities... Enquire with the Visit Leuven team. You can take these city walks by yourself.

    Or you can use the free Street Art Cities app to map your own walk past some great street art.

    Our largest museum, M Leuven, has a fun range of kids’ activities.

    Leuven is widely known for the many green areas in its city centre. Here kids can let off some steam. The Kessel-lo Provincial Domain is situated outside the city. It has playgrounds, a traffic park, waterbikes, a petting zoo… You can easily get to it from Leuven by bike or by bus.

    Rain, wind, hail, a storm? How about an indoor swimming-pool and indoor playground within walking distance of each other? Or head to Cinema ZED for a fun kids’ movie.

    Find more tips for staying in Leuven with children here.

  • Shopping in Leuven?
    Leuven’s shops are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00. Every first Sunday of the month, most shops in Leuven are also open in the afternoon. This site has all the information you need about shopping streets, weekly markets, Sunday shopping and other shopping events.

Food & drinks

  • Where can I enjoy a nice meal?
    This map features a selection of restaurants, by bloggers who visited Leuven.

    Leuven is known around the world as a beer city. Check out the beer pubs and beer shops in Leuven.

    Other typical Belgian delicacies are chocolate and waffles. Check out the artisan chocolatiers and places where you can eat a waffle here.

    Leuven also has lots of nice coffee bars.

  • Where can I eat with a group?
    You’ll find a complete overview of all the group restaurants and the maximum number of people that they can accommodate on this website.

    Do you want to organise other group activities? You'll find lots of information and inspiration here.


  • How accessible is Leuven?
    Do you have specific questions about accessibility? Phone us (+32 (0)16 20 30 20) or send us an email. We will search for a solution together with you.

    You can pick up the ‘Leuven Accessible for Everyone’ (NL/EN) brochure for free at the reception of Visit Leuven (Naamsestraat 3) or check the information online.

  • Can you send me information by post about Leuven?
    You can find lots of information and tips on this website to prepare your trip to Leuven.

    If you want to receive information by post, send an email to visit@leuven.be, clearly stating your name and address.

    Most of the information is available in several languages (NL/FR/DE/EN/ES).

  • Where I can I find free/public Wi-Fi?
    You can access public Wi-Fi at the Visit Leuven tourist office as well as in most cafés, restaurants and hotels.

    Check out this digital map for all the Wi-Fi hotspots in Leuven.

Last but not least

Is something not clear? Do you need more specific information?
Call, chat or send an email to the Visit Leuven team. We are more than happy to help.

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