Personal data

We store the personal data you supply us with (product requests, questions etc.).
We will only use this information internally to contact you regarding your request and to assist you as best we can.
We will under no circumstance pass this information on to third parties.

We take the necessary safety precautions to prevent the loss or unwarranted use of your personal data, as well as any unsolicited amendments.

As a visitor, you can request access to all the information we have stored on your behalf. You can ask us to correct this information.
Mail to webmaster@visitleuven.be to get access to or to correct your details.


Our site uses cookies. A cookie is a small file sent by an Internet server that is installed on your computer’s hard disk. This file stores some information on your visit to leuven.be.

At visitleuven.be we use cookies to

  • save the details entered on an online form, allowing you to complete it at a later stage.
  • collect data on your PC for statistical purposes (not personal data); we use this information to improve our website.
  • remember your language selection, simplifying your surfing experience.