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Leuven and the university have been indissolubly tied to one another for centuries. Historically, architecturally and socio-culturally, the university has influenced everyday life in Leuven.

Come and (re)discover Leuven and its student life.


9.30 am Arrival in Leuven with a cup of coffee .
10 am

Guided tour with visits to the following university buildings:
University Hall
Van Dale College
Pope’s College 

12.30 pm Lunch
2 pm

Bus ride with guide (own transport) past:
• UZ Gasthuisberg (university hospital)
• IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre)
Arenberg Castle

Followed by a walk in the Arenberg Park to the Great Beguinage 

3.15 pm Guided tour of the Great Beguinage
4 pm End of the daytrip

Tip: discover medical history at Histaruz

Prices & terms

Price per person:
(based on a group of min. 20 and max. 25 persons or a multiple of this number)

  • Daytrip with menu A: 26 euro
  • Daytrip with menu B: 32 euro
  • Daytrip with menu C: 32 euro
  • Daytrip with menu D: 33 euro
  • Daytrip with menu E: 35 euro
  • Daytrip with menu F: 36 euro
  • Daytrip with menu G: 36 euro
  • Daytrip with menu H: 30 euro

Extra options for at the arrival (price per person): 

  • Danish pastry or pie or roll: + 2,5 euro per person
  • Cake: + 3,50 euro
  • Gateau: + 10,50 euro


  • Every day of the year

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