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New Horizons Dieric Bouts Festival

New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival

In the autumn of 2023, the ‘New Horizons’ city festival will lead us into the world of Dieric Bouts, undoubtedly Leuven’s most important painter.

Visit the Bouts trail' Bouts & beyond' and stroll the Town Hall’s historic halls. Journey from 1468 to the present day as authentic archive documents and audiovisual installations immerse you in the stories, personalities, and perspectives of then and now.

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The town hall is Leuven's pride and joy. Moreover, it's one of the best-known Gothic town halls worldwide. It took three architects and thirty years to build it. Leuven's 'Hall of Fame' features 235 statues, which were only added to the façade after 1850. The Saint Peter's Church is located directly opposite the Town Hall.

These days
These days the town hall merely has a ceremonial function after the city's administrative services moved in 2009. But you are very welcome to take a guided tour and/or visit the tourist information center if you have questions (situated on the side of the town hall).

Daily guided tour
The guide will tell you about the construction history of this Gothic gem. You will discover the story behind the 235 sculptures on the façade. Afterwards, you can visit the foyer, the large and small Gothic Hall and the council hall.

Re-purposing and restauration

A consultancy was appointed for the redestination of the town hall. Construction is expected to last until 2027.

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Address: Grote Markt
Tickets: Visit Leuven, Naamsestraat 3 (right flank of Town Hall)

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