4 chocolate shops in Leuven you should visit

Bij een bezoek aan Leuven is Belgische chocolade proeven een echte must. Gelukkig heb je daarbij keuze uit tal van fantastische Leuvense chocolatiers. Dat loopt uiteen van zaken die gespecialiseerd zijn in heerlijke traditionele pralines tot vernieuwers die experimenteren met de meest uiteenlopende en onverwachte smaken. Geen idee waar te beginnen? Hierbij een aantal van onze favoriete chocoladeadresjes in Leuven.

Rebecca Rose Poulsen
11 May 2022


At ZUUT, you’ll find a delicious variety of classic praline chocolates, delicate pies, tarts, and cakes, as well as macaroons. The chocolates are filled with different flavors some of which include cardamom coffee and the classic Belgian speculoos cookie. This place is the perfect spot to try a tasty treat for yourself, or bring something home as a gift.

ZUUT • Vismarkt 2, 3000 Leuven.


This Leuven chocolate shop has some of the most wild and unique flavors of pralines with intricate designs. Flavors such as chili peanut, lime lemongrass, and wasabi will tickle your tastebuds. For something truly different, Bitter Sweet is the chocolatier to try.

Bittersweet • Bondgenotenlaan 108, 3000 Leuven.


This chocolatier makes pralines that are almost too beautiful to eat…almost! Once you bite into these delicate chocolates you won’t be able to get enough. The owner of the shop, Philip Benoit, makes the chocolate on site and concots interesting flavors that will certainly satisfy any chocolate craving.

Tartufo • Louis Melsensstraat 14, 3000 Leuven.

Chocolaterie Delvaux

Chocolatier Oliver has over 25 years of experience in working with delicious chocolates. One confection they are known for is their mouthwatering hazelnut praline. You’ll also find chocolates with the Leuven Town Hall on them which make the perfect gift for souvenir!

Chocolaterie Delvaux • Naamsesteenweg 115, 3001 Leuven.

Chocolate & beer

Belgians are world famous for the unequalled chocolate, but in Leuven we are also very proud of our beer! Leuven Leisure and MALZ bring these two worlds together. During this tantalizing tasting, learn which beer goes well with what type of chocolate, and why. Exploring complementary or contrasting flavors, you will discover one surprise after another!

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