“So much to experience, to taste and to shop”

Ella & Ines, students who always come home to Leuven.

30 March 2023

Two strangers who happen to meet while out shopping and end up becoming good friends? Surely that only happens in films? No, it happened to Ella and Ines too. In the meantime they even study together, in Brussels. But Leuven has always remained their home base. Ella: “Leuven is always a bit like coming home and not just because my grandmother still lives there.”

Shoppen met Ella & Ines

Shopping on a budget? Not quite

They often shop at high street chains such as Zara and Bershka: cool, trendy and affordable fashion. “But recently we also discovered Bellerose,” says Ines. “We knew of it of course, but we never dared to go inside. We had the feeling that perhaps it was not yet something for us, because of our budget and maybe also the range. But wow, what a surprise! They sell so many beautiful things, it’s difficult to choose. You might pay a bit more, but they really are quality pieces that you can wear a little longer.” Ella adds: “Or take Liv, they have nice clothes there. It’s such a girly shop with a certain aesthetic, very pretty. The local shops are such a nice change from the big chains.” The range of shoes here is also fantastic. Ella: “We are trainer fans and you can find more and more shops here selling trainers that are just that little bit more special!”

Shoppen met Ella & Ines

Hungry or thirsty? Leuven fans always know where to go

The name Leuven instantly brings good food and drink to mind. Favourite addresses? Ella: “We always look for things that you don’t eat at home. Such as at Ciao Italia, for example. The food there is very fresh and deliciously seasoned. I love the pasta that they make themselves and the sauce that goes perfectly with it, delicious!” Ines also raves about the vegan restaurant Tabi-loo: “For the unique dishes with distinctive flavours, well-seasoned and attractively priced!”. And so the names of one restaurant after another roll off the tongue: from Leo Pancakes to Bar Leuv, from Mont Café (“for a coffee while you shop”) to Savoury (“the chef there has created her own sushi, very special!”). Ines: “Recently we decided to spend the whole day together studying, but in the end we studied almost nothing. We went for a tasty sandwich at our favourite sandwich shop de Pasvite and then we just sort of stuck around.” The temptations of Leuven... why not!

Shoppen met Ella & Ines

Here you feel the history

You never get bored in Leuven. The surroundings alone always captivate. “You feel the history when you walk through Leuven. The town hall is and remains stunning, the museum M Leuven and the university library are also sublime, and just the façades of the houses alone are beautiful to look at,” says Ella. Ines continues: “Furthermore, Leuven organises many events. Just think of the Afrika Film Festival. There is always something to do in Leuven, certainly in the spring and summer a lot is organised outside.” Ella: “And don’t forget Stella Artois, the whole world knows our beer, that’s also part of our culture, right? I definitely want to visit the brewery one day.”

Shoppen met Ella & Ines

Leuven, a city to enjoy

Ella summarises her YES Leuven feeling in an original way: “Leuven is sometimes busy, but pleasantly busy. It’s a city to enjoy, it has a unique vibe and many people know each other. You can network quickly there and expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. Actually, it’s impossible to be anti-social in Leuven. There’s always something to experience, to see, to do.”