Markets in Leuven you should visit

When travelling, some of the best things to visit are the local markets. Often you will find unique products specific to that region and perhaps even find something you weren’t looking for to bring home. Markets allow you to get to know the people of the city and their specialty craft. The next time you’re in Leuven, check out these markets:

15 July 2022

Thursday flower market

On Brusselsestraat from 13:00-18:00 you’ll find flower and plant stalls with a wide variety of products. It may be difficult to bring home a bouquet of beautiful flowers, but simply walking by these stalls will brighten your day. The next time you’re on Brusselsestraat, stop for a moment to sniff the roses and admire the beautiful plant arrangements.

This market is right next to the Grote Markt where the Leuven Town Hall and Saint Peter’s Church is located. Once you’ve had your fill of the market, stop by these iconic buildings for a tour! Be sure to book your spot in advance.

The big Friday market: something for everyone

Located in the Ladeuzeplein & H. Hooverplein from 7:00-13:00 near the University Library, this is one of the largest markets in Leuven and offers many different vendors. Here you’ll find bread, pastries, clothing, cheese, hummus, roasted chicken, fish, meat, flowers and so much more.

One special aspect about this market that you won’t see at any others are the massive food trucks. Picture large semi trucks that open from the side that are filled with candy, fish, bread, roasting chicken, you name it. There’s something for everyone at this market and definitely worth making time for when visiting Leuven.

Our suggestion? Grab some delicious food from the market and head over to Sint-Donatus Park (it’s just a 2 minute walk from the market) or choose from one of these other nearby green spots for a lovely picnic. Mingle with the locals as you lunch in the park with families playing lawn games and college students soaking up the sun.
Why not combine a market visit with a University Library Tour? Not only will you get to learn about the rich history of this building, you’ll also get a bird’s eye view of the entire market and city of Leuven.

Saturday specialty & antique market

You’ll find the Saturday market happening on Brusselsestraat and connecting streets from 9:00-18:00. This market is special in that it offers smaller specialty products such as dried meats, cheese, mushrooms, and more. You’ll also find antiques at this market that change weekly. This market is a wonderful spot to stop for lunch or a small bite to eat.

Camping Flamingo: take a local souvenir home

Hal 5 is one of Leuven’s great hidden gems. Once a month, Hal 5 hosts a large market called Camping Flamingo which is essentially an Urban garage sale and creative market. Here you’ll find clothing, books, candles, and other trinkets that make a perfect souvenir to take home. Be sure to check the Hal 5 Facebook page to see when the next market is since they only happen once a month.

If you get a little hungry while perusing the market, Hal 5 has some amazing food options. Grab a pizza from Antico, a falafel from Falafel Habibia or a refreshing drink from the Hal 5 bar. There is plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the fresh air of Leuven while you eat your meal.

Plan a weekend trip to Leuven

With so many things to do and see in Leuven, we recommend staying a few nights. Visit all the markets and main sites for a weekend you’ll never forget. We look forward to seeing you in Leuven!