Sustainable tourism in Leuven

When it comes to travelling, there is so much you can do as a tourist that can make a big impact on the environment of the places you visit. Leuven is proud of its sustainability efforts and we want to encourage sustainable tourism!

What is sustainable tourism? We’re so glad you asked! Essentially, it’s about the environment and the liveability in a destination. The choices you make while travelling impact the places you visit, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Here are our tips on how to travel sustainably in Leuven:

Rebecca Poulsen
16 September 2022

Getting to Leuven

The Leuven train station is well connected to neighbouring countries and is situated perfectly for you to have access to many parts of the city. Once you arrive, getting around Leuven is a piece of cake! There are plenty of fun and sustainable transport options for you to choose from whether it be your feet, a bike, or the bus.

The city center is just a 10 minute walk from the station, or a quick 3 minute bus ride. Feeling ready to take on a bike? Leuven is one of the most bike friendly cities and is designed for visitors and residents alike to travel in such a way. Experience Leuven like a true local and rent a bike for a day.

If you come to Leuven by car, we recommend parking and walking or taking a shuttle to the city center. The center of Leuven has been designed to reduce car traffic, and getting around by car can sometimes be difficult.

Choose Sustainable Accommodation

Choosing an accommodation that is near the city center can help reduce the amount you use your car. It’s also very handy to have the entire city so easily accessible! Leuven offers a few Green Key accommodations that have been recognized for their efforts in sustainability. If you’re planning to bike (or bringing your own) Leuven has a variety of bike friendly hotels for you to stay at!

Eating Sustainably in Leuven

One of the largest impacts you can make as a tourist is what you choose to eat on your trip. Choosing local restaurants that use local ingredients can have a positive effect. It’s an extra bonus if you’re willing to try some vegetarian or vegan options!

One of our favourite ways to enjoy food in Leuven is to stop by one of the local markets for some yummy food and then take it as a picnic to enjoy at one of the city’s great green spots.

Shopping Eco-Friendly

Leuven has a high number of shops that offer sustainable shopping to help you be a responsible tourist! There is so much to choose from such as second hand shops and eco-fashion.

We also recommend finding souvenirs created by locals. A great place to find items such as this is the Camping Flamingo Market at Hal 5. Here, you’ll find local artists that sell items such as art, honey, clothing, plants, home goods, and more! It’s a great way to mingle with the locals and discover Leuven creatives.

Choose Local Leuven Tours

A great way to explore Leuven is to take a tour from a local. Choosing local tour groups is a great way to travel sustainably and support the city’s economy. Leuven has plenty of tours for those interested in beer, cycling, walking, and history. There are a variety of options for solo travellers, couples, families, and larger groups.

Stay a While

A great way to travel in a more eco-friendly way is to take longer trips, less frequently. We recommend booking your stay in Leuven for a number of days so that you can see all that the city has to offer. Leuven is an incredible city to explore and there are new and exciting things around every corner.

Extend your stay in Leuven by taking a few day trips from the city. Leuven is well connected by bike paths and train routes, allowing you to see much more of Belgium.

Our recommendation is to do a street art tour and discover all the different murals across Belgium by using the Street Art Cities app. Don’t forget to leave a nice review for the places you visited to help support local businesses!

Thank You For Travelling Responsibly!

Leuven is a wonderful city and we welcome everyone who visits! We also want our city to be a beautiful place for everyone to travel to for many years to come. We appreciate you doing your part as a responsible traveller to keep our city clean. For more inspiration on sustainable travel in Leuven, check out these spots in the city. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit!