Saint Peter's Church

In 2020, the completely restored Saint Peter’s Church launched a new visitors experience. Discover a unique collection of art treasures still in their original, historic setting. These works of art are brought to life as part of an innovative experience via a tablet or the award winning hololens.

The 15th-century Saint Peter’s Church is a classic example of Late Gothic architecture. From the Dirk Boutslaan, you can clearly see the towers have never been completed due to an unstable soil. The church with belfry was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1999.

Discover Flemish Master Bouts

Dieric Bouts (ca. 1410-1475), who might be mentioned in the same breath as Jan Van Eyck or Rogier Van der Weyden, was one of the Flemish Primitives and city painter of Leuven. His masterpiece ‘The Last Supper' is the outstanding artwork of the church and is still hung in the chapel for which it was painted almost 600 years ago. Mixed reality brings Bouts' triptych truly to life.

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Award winning hololens

At twelve masterpieces in the Saint Peter's Church, you get to see spectacular 3D images and animations via a hololens. It is possible to project 3D images onto the glasses, which you see on top of the normal image of the environment. Mixed reality also brings Bouts’ triptych of ‘The Last Supper’ to life. The device looks somewhat like a light, streamlined helmet-with-glasses. The helmet part comes with a computer, speakers and all sorts of built-in cameras, projection lenses and sensors.

Family experience

No interest in digital innovation? There is also a visitor guide available, as well as a family trail: one for children from age 4 and one for children from age 7.

Art treasures in the church

Other highlights of the church are ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus’, also painted by Dieric Bouts, and the 'Edelheere Triptych'. But also the 'Triumphal Cross' by Jan Borman, the tomb of Henry I and the chapel of ‘Proud Margaret’ each have a place in the complete experience. Discover the fascinating stories of this magnificent church, its art treasures and the vibrant Leuven of the past and present.

Visit the church and her treasures in 360°


Openings hours & tickets

  • 10:00-16:30
  • Sundays: 11:00-16:30
  • 01.10-31.03: closed on Wednesdays

Free entrance

Digital experiences

By reservation only, pick up at the reception desk

Brochures on site

  • Visitor's guide
  • Family tour


How to get there?

  • Address: Grote Markt, 3000 Leuven • location on map
  • By bus
    Stop Rector De Somerplein
    All busses in the direction of the city centre • Route planner
  • On foot or by bike
    Distance from the train station: 1,1 km
    Distance from Visit Leuven, Naamsestraat 3: 75 m
  • By car
    Parkings in the neighbourhood: Ladeuzeplein & Heilig Hart


  • Fully accessible

Vlaamse Meesters op hun Plek

Deze abdij maakt deel uit van de toeristische route “Meesters in Verbeelding”. In en rond Leuven stellen zeven religieus erfgoedsites hun deuren open in het kader van ‘Vlaamse Meesters op hun Plek’. Sta oog in oog met verborgen en soms vergeten religieuze erfgoedpareltjes, zet je hoofdtelefoon op en laat je meeslepen door een zinnenprikkelend verhaal.

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