5 insider tips for beer lovers in Leuven

Where to start? This is a beer-loving city, can you tell? The pubs, the restaurants, the sights, the activities... Beer lovers definitely won’t go thirsty here!

Leen Tyrions
21 April 2022

1. Visit the breweries in and around Leuven

A brewery visit is always a unique experience. You get to hear the brewer’s story during a behind-the-scenes tour. You learn more about the different steps in the brewing process and get to sample the goods on-site.

2. Take a beer tour

Join a real beer connoisseur to get a taste of Leuven’s beer culture. There are various tours available. Some focus on the history of beer in Leuven, others are all about sampling the local brews.

3. Shop for your beer souvenirs

Want to enjoy Leuven’s beer culture at home? Why not pick up some local beers while you’re here? You can find them at specialised beer shops where they will be happy to tell you more about their range. Check out Hops ’N More or MALZ.

4. Beer in your glass and on your plate

Beer goes incredibly well with food but you can also use it as a cooking ingredient. Gastrobar Hop’s creative chef has some excellent beer-food pairings in store for your taste buds as well as some culinary delights that were made with beer.

Many of Leuven’s bistros also serve a popular traditional Belgian dish called ‘stoverij’ or ‘carbonade’, which is prepared with beer. Discover tips for beer lovers & foodies.

Gastrobar HOP in de Vaartkom in Leuven

5. Taste the ambience in our beer bars

A beer bar is not like your average pub in that it always serves a nice range of local beers. The server is also happy to explain the differences between the various types of beers and flavours. Most people, however, visit a beer bar for the unique ambience.

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