University hall

The hall in the past

It was originally used by weavers for selling cloth. Shortly after the establishment of the university (in 1425), the city put part of the building at the disposal of the colleges as a classroom.

The Fire of Leuven

When the German occupiers set fire to the inner city of Leuven on 25 August 1914, the university hall was almost completely destroyed except for its façade. A total of 300,000 books and manuscripts went up in flames as well. The university library was rebuilt at Ladeuzeplein afterwards.

The hall today

The Cloth Hall currently serves as the university’s policy centre. It is still the central place of enrolment, and one of its halls is still regularly used for public PhD defences.Recently the university hall was opened to the public. Here you can visit a tiny museum, the university shop and the cosy coffee bar.

Practical info

  • KU Leuven Shop
    Mondays to Fridays: 8:00-18:00
    Exceptions: website KU Leuven

Address: Naamsestraat 22, 3000 Leuven

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