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• Tip! Stores are exceptionally open during shopping Sundays


Our shopping streets


Diestsestraat (from the city centre to the Louis Melsenstraat)
The absolute pinnacle of shopping in Leuven. This is the place to be for the large chains that have an extensive selection for the recreational-shopper.

Diestsestraat (From the station to the Louis Melsenstraat)
Shops full of baubles and gadgets.

This 'Champs Elysées' of Leuven is exactly 1 km long, straight as a die and stately, but also very stylish and lively. In addition to the better known chain stores, you will also find colourful cafés and exclusive clothing and decoration shops.


This is a typical student street; during the academic year, it buzzes with young students. The street offers student housing, restaurants, cafés and shops.

Cafés, restaurants and shops with a cultural flavour nestle comfortably side by side with old university buildings.


Parijsstraat & Pensstraat
The Parijsstraat is also well-known as a street of trinket shops. You'll find shops selling hand-made and blown-glass gifts, comic book stores, music and clothing boutiques, and other speciality stores.

Pleasant wide shopping street with a mix of chains and exclusive shops.


Mechelsestraat & Vismarkt
The 'place to shop' for those who favour different and fashionable. With lovely boutiques, restaurants and culinary shops. When the weather is nice, you can even believe yourself to be in the south.