Architecture & urban renewal

Architectural masterpieces.

Contemporary architecture

Visit the renovated neighbourhoods in the city centre near the railway station or in Vaartkom. Today’s finest architects take up the challenge of keeping the historical city liveable in the 21st century by means of modern modifications. The provincial building, the De Lijn bus station, De Balk van Beel and M-Museum Leuven are only a few examples of award-winning architecture.

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New Leuven around the Vaartkom (canal)

The Vaartkom district does our city’s slogan, ‘Leuven: centuries’ old, but still vibrant’, proud. Bold architecture, creative companies, climate-neutral; you can already experience the Leuven of the future here. From old industry to the Manhattan on the Dyle River. Trendy, hip concepts take hold easily here. Make your walk complete with tastings suited to the theme. Please indicate that you’d like this when making your reservation.

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Vaartkom walk

Discover the Vaartkom area, a bustling neighbourhood in full development! Explore the past and present of this fascinating northern part of town.

The focus is on new architecture and on the way in which this old industrial area is revived.

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