By coach

Coaches can drop off visitors in the centre of Leuven and then park along the ring road.
You can only reach the stop in the centre by pulling in the Bondgenotenlaan from the Diestsevest (check the map at the bottom of the page)


The stop is reached by driving through a small section of the pedestrian zone.
Be sure to request a permit in plenty of time.
(This permit is only valid for entering the pedestrian zone in the centre of the city.)

Request a permit

You can request a permit by sending an e-mail including the following details: 

  • Company
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Bus' license plate
  • Why do you need this permit?
  • When do you need this permit?
  • Declaration of honour | Copy this text in your e-mail:
    "I hereby declare that I will only use the permit for the reasons mentioned above"

Map & route

Plan autocar

Route to stop at Dirk Boutslaan:

  • Diestsevest - Martelarenplein - Bondgenotenlaan - Margarethaplein - Mathieu de Layensplein - Dirk Boutslaan

Route from the stop to the ring road:

  • Dirk Boutslaan - Brouwersstraat - Petermannenstraat - Donkerstraat - ring road