Brewery Stella Artois

Currently you cannot visit the brewery

Stella Artois is part of the world’s largest brewery concern, AB InBev, and is still firmly rooted in its home base of Leuven.

You can visit the brewery on Saturday. Take part in the new interactive guided tour. Experience the brewery in action and enjoy a wonderful Stella Artois after your visit. In short, experience beer in its purest form.

Practical info

Individual visitors (via Visit Leuven):

Currently you cannot visit the brewery
  • Saturdays: 13:00 (NL) & 15:00 (EN)
  • Max. 15 persons
  • The entrance of the brewery is located at Aarschotsesteenweg 20, at about 15 minutes on foot from the city centre.


Groups (via Stella Artois):

Group visits are unfortunately not yet possible.
  • By reservation only
  • Min. 15 & max. 30 persons per group
Adres: Aarschotsesteenweg 20, 3012 Leuven

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