Tips from pub owner Gie

Everyone knows Gie in Leuven. From a party in his legendary party space, the Rumba, to a beer in his popular pub Leuven Central. As he says himself, he’s ‘bitten by the hospitality microbe’.

11 May 2021

"Everybody is welcome in café Leuven Central."

Gie spends most of his time in his café, but where does he spend the remaining time?

  • Het Depot, music centre at the train station in Leuven.

  • Museum M Leuven, ancient and contemporary art in an impressive building.

  • 30CC/Schouwburg, a concert and theatre hall with a lot of music, theatre, circus, dance, literature and family performances.

  • Het stadion van OHL, stadium of the local soccer team.

  • Mechelsestraat, it had everything for the refine palate: world-class cheeses, exquisite wines, Italian delicacies, fresh oysters... It's the gourmet's Mecca, interspersed with unique boutiques.

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