Karlien's favourite places

Karlien heeft haar eigen zaak in de Mechelsestraat, de gezelligste winkelstraat van de stad. Ze leert je de beste shopadresjes van Leuven kennen én de beste terrasjes en cafés om een dagje shoppen mee af te sluiten.
11 May 2022

"I love to going to Optimist. Pure enjoyment with friends on the terrace after cycling or shopping."

Karlien shows you round the Vismarkt:

  1. When the sun’s shining, you can bask on the terrace of the De Blauwe Kater.
  2. Patisserie ZUUT's the place for desserts and pastries.
  3. On Friday evenings Karlien checks into Optimist for a snack and a drink with her girlfriends.
  4. Leuven’s packed full of delightful cafés and original shops, just take a look. And there’s no better place to end a day’s shopping or cycling than the Vismarkt.

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