Tips from creative spirit Jochem

Jochem Daelman is one of the founding members of Onkruid Studio. It combines expertise in architecture, marketing, music, and culture to make creative interventions in cities.

7 May 2021

"Stelplaats is the free haven that Leuven needed."

  • Stelplaats, an open house for the young in Leuven. It offers a place to experiment, test, relax and organize. With rehearsal space for musicians, a skate park, workshops and more.

  • Bar Stan, a trendy neighbourhood bar with drinks & breakfast-lunch-diner.

  • Optimist, foodsharing and original dishes from all over the world. With great drinks and a big outside terrace.

  • PLEK, interior, DIY, coffee in Mechelsestraat.

  • Wear, streetwear of French and Scandinavian brands, for women and men.

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