Museum Parkabdij

Museum Park Abbey soon to be known as PARCUM

From 25 October 2017 you can visit a brand-new museum in Leuven. The newly renovated Park Abbey halls will host PARCUM, a place where religion, art and culture meet and interact.
This will triple the surface area of the former Museum Park Abbey.

PARCUM’s opening exhibition is ‘About the world. Images of Seclusion and Liberation’.
The exhibition analyses isolation and seclusion in Christian tradition by showcasing never-before-seen heritage pieces from churches, abbeys and cloisters.

Practical info


  • until 25.10.2017: closed due to reconstruction works
  • from 25.10.2017: Tuesdays to Sundays | 10am-5 pm

Park Abbey

  • The domain is permanently accessible.
  • The buildings of the abbey are closed due to renovation works.

Saint-John-the-Evangelist Church

  • 01.04 – 30.09
  • Fridays & Sundays: 1.30-4.30 pm


Abdij van Park 7
3001 Leuven