Locals about Park Abbey: Sarah

“The seasons are clearly defined here”

Sarah doet een wandeling in de Abdij van PArk

Sarah, 25, thinks Park Abbey is a fantastic place to spend time. She not only comes here to jog with her boyfriend, but also to simply relax. “If you visit the Abbey often enough, you’ll see that the seasons are clearly defined here!”

Sarah Currinckx, 25, visits the Abbey almost weekly. “My boyfriend Lander and I live close by, so we often come here to take a run. Park Abbey is around five minutes from where we live. It’s the perfect extension of our apartment,” she laughs.

“I think the Abbey is a fantastic place to spend time,” adds Sarah. “To start, the area is exceptionally picturesque; the historic Abbey has a real rustic feel to it. There are always people here, yet it’s quiet and tranquil.”

Ducklings in the pond

When Sarah has visitors, she always takes them to the Abdij van Park. “The contrast with the crowded city centre is striking,” she says. “And we can eat pancakes at De Abdijmolen!”

What does Sarah enjoy most about the Abdij van Park ? “The seasons are clearly defined here. In the spring, you see the ducklings waddling out of the pond and in the autumn, the footpath is covered in leaves... It’s as if the time of year changes as you take a walk around the Abbey!”