12 ground-breaking Leuven inventions

Discover 12 ground-breaking Leuven inventions on 12 panels throughout the city.

Every panel interactively explains the story behind a Leuven invention. Part of the text only appears when the user looks through a red looking glass on the panel.

Leuven Mindgate

The twelve panels have been installed all around Leuven and can be found in the following locations: 

  • Town hall: Leuven creativity makes the Red Devils red-hot again
  • University library: Extremely durable and light travel cases
  • M-Museum Leuven: Leuven shoes that don’t need polishing
  • Aula Pieter De Somer: The most frequently used antiretroviral drug in the world
  • Great Beguinage: Rice with a shorter cooking time and higher nutritional value
  • Martelarenplein: Leuven teevee
  • OPEK: A new apple variety
  • International House: A prosthetic eye that is tailored to the patient
  • Vismarkt: A Cochlear implant lets the deaf hear again
  • Botanical Garden: High-tech that helps the blind
  • Park Abbey: The world’s largest banana collection
  • Location to be determined: Leuven chips that make playing cards hip

In co-operation with Leuven Mindgate.