Discover the heart of Park Abbey

Abdij van Park - Refter

Wander through the cloisters and stumble on unique 17th century art treasures

The abbey’s historic cloisters have been recently restored. Immerse yourself in the philosophy and history of the abbey and the Norbertine order.

The showpieces are the unique 17th-century stucco ceiling, by Jan-Christian Hansche, and the cloister with its 20 masterful, monumental stained-glass windows from the 17th century, created by top Leuven glass artist Jan de Caumont. Today these are recognised and protected as Flemish masterpieces.

The treasures of the abbey

Geraak je niet uitgekeken op de Abdij van Park?


PARCUM is a Flemish Government recognised museum and centre of expertise for religious art and culture.

Our museum exhibits the PARCUM and Park Abbey religious heritage collection. It also presents temporary thematic exhibitions at the confluence of religion, art and culture. These latter introduce us to the often unseen heritage of our churches, abbeys and monasteries. In today's multi-religious and highly diverse society, particular attention is paid here to promoting dialogue.

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De abdijkerk en PARCUM.
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