The new Vaartkom district


The Vaartkom district does our city’s slogan, ‘Leuven: centuries’ old, but still vibrant’, proud. Bold architecture, creative companies, climate-neutral; you can already experience the Leuven of the future here. From old industry to the Manhattan on the Dyle River. Trendy, hip concepts take hold easily here. Make your walk complete with tastings suited to the theme. Please indicate that you’d like this when making your reservation.

Practical info

For groups only: 

  • Price: 9 euro per person (with a minimum of 90 euro per group)
    • Extra appetiser: + 2,5 euro per person
    • Extra drink: + 3 euro per person
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Number of persons: min. 10 and max. 20 persons
  • Reservation: via Leuven Inside Out