Meet the locals

Stefanie Vereecken

A selection of 100 inspiring people from Leuven making the city what it is today

The Word Magazine, Belgium’s most pioneering free media platform in English, has selected 10 people from Leuven across 10 domains. This sample of Leuven’s change-makers can be found on a mini-site. Each with their own portrait and an interview in which they are confronted with critical questions. Discover them on the website of The Word

The selection reveals what we have known in Leuven for some while, but have hardly dared to express.
That we are the world’s best when it comes to innovation.
That Leuven is home to a well-developed cultural scene.
And that local change-makers dare and are able to make a difference.

The interviews demonstrate how these 100 people from Leuven view their city and what, in their opinion, can be done better.
That we should be more daring: with more out-of-the-box thinking and bottom-up initiatives, less rules and restrictions.
Some specific suggestions range from vertical green areas to space for art galleries.

Discover Leuven’s change-makers in music, contemporary art, design & urbanism, change-makers, shopping, food & drink, performance art, research and science & innovation and see Leuven from a new angle.