Ground-breaking Leuven inventions

Discover 11 ground-breaking Leuven inventions on the panels throughout the city.

Every panel interactively explains the story behind a Leuven invention. Part of the text only appears when the user looks through a red looking glass on the panel.

Discover the panels in the city

The twelve panels have been installed all around Leuven and can be found in the following locations: 

  • OPEK | New apple variety
    With over 1,7 million trees planted in Europe, the Kanzi apple is Europe’s new success in apple farming.
    Kanzi is an apple designed by Better3fruit, a KU Leuven spinoff.
  • Vismarkt | High-tech to help the deaf 
    Using a Cochlear hearing implant, even fully deaf people can hear again.
    A cooperation between KU Leuven and hearing implant manufacturer. 
  • Botanical garden | High-tech to help the blind
    A robot, an ultrathin needle and a medicine allows patients with a clogged retinal blood vessels see again.
    A cooperation between UZ Leuven and the Flemish biotech company ThromboGenics.
  • Great Beguinage | Rice from Leuven
    Rice with a shorter cooking time and with more vitamins and minerals. Developed in Leuven for food multinational Mars.
  • Town Hall | Creativity from Leuven making the Red Devils hot again
    Devil’s challenges brought the Red Devils’ popularity to unseen heights. Thought out and developed by Leuven-based creative agency Boondoggle.
  • Aula Pieter De Somer | Research from Leuven saving HIV-patients’ lives
    Anti-HIV medication lowers HIV blood levels in such a way the disease is no longer lethal.
    Developed at KU Leuven and licenced to pharmaceutical multinational Gilead Sciences. 
  • M Leuven | Leuven-made shoes that require no cleaning
    Nanotechnology makes elegant and exclusive women’s shoes water and dirt repellent.
    A product by shoe designer Elegnano from the region of Leuven.
  • University Library | Ultra-strong and ultra-light suitcases
    The suitcases are made from Curv® composite material. Developed in Leuven for suitcase manufacturer Samsonite.
  • Martelarenplein | Television from Leuven
    Every day, Jeroen Meus shows us what to cook through his TV-show Dagelijkse Kost.
    Made by Leuven-based production company Hotel Hungaria.
  • International House | Customized artificial eyes
    After an accurate scan of the eye cavity, an artificial eye is 3D printed for a perfect fit.
    A cooperation between UZ Leuven and 3D-printing pioneer Materialise. 
  • Park Abbey | Bananas from Leuven
    KU Leuven preserves 1.500 different sorts of bananas using a special technique. 
    This is the world’s largest collection of bananas.

In co-operation with Leuven Mindgate.

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