Ice cream & waffles

Bittersweet | Ice cream

Bittersweet | Ijsjes

We already knew Bittersweet as a creative chocolatier. Now he also makes ice cream. With flavors that appeal to the imagination like: Icky sticky chewy gooey bittersweet brownie, y'all - Brownie, Heroin - Rice pudding, Wild At Art - Raspberry and Passion - Passion fruit


Bondgenotenlaan 108
3000 Leuven

Coupe Matadi | Ice cream

Coupe Matadi

The ice cream is made on site, based on the owner’s own recipe and with high-quality ingredients, without chemical colouring and flavouring agents and with a minimum of sugar. Unique location on a renovated cargo boat on the Leuven-Dijle canal. 

Coupe Matadi

Kolonel Begautlaan 7
3000 Leuven

Gelateria Decadenza & Ice cream

Gelateria Decadenza

Decadenza is a guarantee for fresh Italian ice cream. Visitors can suggest or ask for new flavours. 

Decadenza Gelateria

Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 4
3000 Leuven

't Galetje | Ice cream & waffles

Those who like to discover new flavours will certainly find what they are looking for here. Home-made cones and wafers. Italian ice cream. 

't Galetje

Tiensestraat 44
3000 Leuven

Het Land | Ice cream

Ijsbar Het Land

Fresh ice every day! All ingredients are natural, without additives.
Nice to know: all toppings are free.

Het Land | Ice cream

Léon Schreursvest 85
3001 Leuven