First time in Leuven?


Is this your first time in Leuven? Then this is the walk for you! Locals and tourists all agree: five ‘must see’ sites to visit in Leuven. Well-known Leuven locals or world-famous celebrities from yesterday and today are the stars of this tour! Opt for a typical Leuven appetiser and/or drink to make your experience complete. Please indicate that you’d like this when making your reservation.

Practical info

For groups only: 

  • Price: 11 euro per person (with a minimum of 110 euro per group)
    • Extra bite: + 2,5 euro per person
    • Extra drink: + 3 euro per person
  • Duration: 2,5 uur, kan aangepast worden op vraag.
  • Number of persons: min. 10 and max. 20 persons
  • Reservation: via Leuven Inside Out