Daytrips | Menus

The group can choose from various menus for lunch.
Attention: the whole group must choose the same menu!

Menu A Chicken vol-au-vent with fries
Menu B Soup OR dessert
Poultry skewer with sauce Provençale and fries
Menu C Soup OR dessert
Gambrinus rib (local dish)
Menu D Soup OR dessert
Tagliatelli with fish and spinach
Menu E Leuven beef stew with Piefboeuf (brown beer) and croquettes
Dessert: dame blanche
Menu F Scampi with garlic sauce, chorizo, peppers and rice
Dessert: dame blanche
Menu G Savourette with pepper OR mushroom creme sauce, peas and croquettes
Dessert: dame blanche
Menu H Brabant lunch with coffee (extensive cold meal with various kinds of fillings)

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