What are the implications for visitors of Leuven?

  • All hotels can remain open, but many have made the decision to close. For more information, it is best to check the accommodations website.
  • The following hotels are still open for visitors:
  • You can only leave your hotel in order to:
    • Buy food
    • See a doctor or go to a pharmacy
    • Go to a post office or go to a bank
    • Go to a petrol station
    • Help others
  • We encourage you to do outdoor sports (walking, running, cycling ...), but only
    • With people you live together with
    • With one friend
    • If you follow the federal government's safety directions (such as 1.5 metres distance between you)
    • On private terrains (such as your own garden) or public terrains which haven't been closed (such as parks, cemeteries, the Finnish trail ...) The police service will patrol these places.

As for commercial and leisure activities (sports, culture, folklore, ...):

  • All the events of the city that were scheduled in April have been cancelled
  • All these activities are cancelled regardless of their size and whether they are public or private
  • Catering establishments, including discos, cafes and restaurants, will remain closed
  • Hotels remain open, except for hotel restaurants 
  • Home delivery and drive-in are allowed
  • Non- Food shops (eg clothing stores, perfume shops, etc.) remain open on weekdays, but not on weekends.
  • Food stores, pet food stores and pharmacies will remain open, even on weekends
  • Playgrounds are closed

As for public transportation:

  • Public transportation is available as always, however people are asked to limit themselves to only necessary journeys

As for museums and monuments:

  • All museums, churches, abbeys and other places of interest are closed
  • Parks and forests remain open

For questions about the corona virus:

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