Leuven Beer Weekends

04+05.04 | 17+08.04 | 25+26.04
Leuven Innovation Beer Festival

Leuven opens all taps during three weekends.
With beer tours, tastings and brewery visits, the city is more than ever 'the place to beer'.

  • Leuven Innovation Beer Festival | 04+05.04
    A platform for innovative craft breweries.
  • Food & Hops | 17+18.04
    Enjoy cheeses and dishes by Leuven’s best chefs, always paired with the tastiest (local) beers.
  • Zythos Beer Festival | 25+26.04
    The largest beer tasting festival of its kind in Europe.

You can also enjoy beer experiences & brewery visits.

Practical info

  • April 2020
  • Various locations in and around Leuven