Did you know that Leuven is the birthplace of the Big Bang Theory? In 1931, Georges Lemaître introduced his revolutionary theory of the primaeval atom and the expanding universe. And it rocked the world of science to its core. The world-shattering cultural festival of the Big Bang will be ignited in the autumn of 2021. BANG! shows you how the Big Bang continues to inspire art and science today. Enjoy music, exhibitions, events and more.


A series of world-class exhibitions in Leuven’s various museums:

  • Dialogue museum PARCUM | An eternal gaze
    With religious heritage as guidance, the exhibition covers stories about the creation, transience and hope. Parcum is situated on the beautiful grounds of Park Abbey
Extended until 06.02.


Combine your visit to BANG! with a guided walk and experience Leuven in a new way, completely in the mood of the festival. Go on a walk with a guide and discover the city and its hidden places.

For children

A fascinating as well as educational programme geared towards families, with the title Big Bang for Kids. For them, we are unleashing a veritable cultural Big Bang with performances, workshops, an experience route, stargazing and more (only in Dutch).

Practical info

  • 15.10.2021 - 30.01.2022
  • Various locations in Leuven
  • More informatio: website Big Bang Festival
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