9 reasons why you should definitely go to the Artefact Festival this year

This rare earth - Stories from below

  • 1. Because Artefact is a themed exhibition as well as a festival with performances, music, workshops and lectures.
  • 2. Because the installation ‘The Intimate Earthquake Archive’ enables you to experience what an earthquake feels like.
  • 3. Because the work of Susanne Kriemann will acquaint you with the very first selfies.
  • 4. Because you can admire a compass made from 69 placentas. Iron in the placenta carries oxygen from the mother to the unborn child. It is the same iron has been used for centuries to make objects.
  • 5. Because you can look into the deepest hole in the world. Justin Bennett tells the partially fictitious story of the 12 km deep Kola Superdeep Borehole based on three films and all kinds of objects. 
  • 6. Because the exhibition is completely free.
  • 7. Because you can watch a performance through ‘talking stones’. The artist Egill Saebjornsson gives the so-called inanimate mass of minerals a voice and allows it to express its wishes, desires and dreams.
  • 8. Because the festival location STUK is a magnificent building with a lovely grand café.
  • 9. Because there will also be plenty of music. The Artefact music festival presents five evening concerts and a sound art workshop for children with Visionist, Joep Beving, Alessandro Cortini and Echo Collective amongst others.

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