and& festival & summit

Postponed to 2021

4 days and nights, a well-selected worldwide collage of +100 thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs & artists of all backgrounds will explore the impact of health, tech & creativity on future city life during And& festival.

Discover inspiring talks, avant-garde music acts, a start-up and scale-up forum, a tech expedition and art interventions in public space.

Speakers on the 2020 edition include Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia), Erika Cheung (innovation ecosystem builder), Chris Meddina (inventor of the #hashtag) and Payal Arora (digital antropologist).

Some of the speakers in 2020:

  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia
  • Erika Cheung, innovation ecosystem builder 
  • Chris Meddina, inventor of the #hashtag
  • Payal Arora, digital antropologist

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