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Right now, all activities on the abbey site have been suspended to slow down the spread of the corona-virus. You can find more information on this page. In the meantime, you can read some timeless articles and interviews, published below.

  • De Norbertuspoort in Abdij van Park.

    The Norbert Gate: from granary to Immovable Heritage Award?

    The Norbert Gate, which connects the abbey with the agricultural area, is one of three candidates for the fourth edition of the Immovable Heritage Award...
  • De Abdijbrouwerij

    The Abbey brewery

    We’ll soon be brewing beer at the abbey site again. An Abbey brewery has been built on the ground floor of the Park Abbey guesthouse!
  • Frank van De Abdijmolen

    Behind the scenes of the brasserie

    Frank Mertens at the ‘De Abdijmolen’ brasserie strings his superlatives together when it comes to the Park Abbey. “No wonder our terrace is always full,” he smiles.
  • Manu op de abdijsite

    Tourists about Park Abbey: Manu & Leilani

    Manuel from the Netherlands visited to the Park Abbey together with his girlfriend, Leilani, 25. “We fully enjoyed the ambiance of the Abbey. There’s nothing like it in Amsterdam.”
  • Rik Torfs

    Rik Torfs, once living in Park Abbey

    We save treasures in the Park Abbey archive. One of these is a manuscript of the doctoral dissertation written by Professor Henri M.D.A.L. Torfs… better known as Rik. How did it get there?
  • Pater Filip

    Locals about the abbey: Father Filip

    Filip Noël, a monk and financial administrator at Abdij van Park, still lives together with four Norbertine monks at the abbey. “If we weren’t here, it would just be an old abbey.”
  • Kikker

    Park Abbey news: Croaking frogs

    The water frogs at pond 4, which borders on the Norbertijnenweg, are giving it their all. We headed on over and recorded the impressive sounds. Listen to Kermit & his friends...
  • Boer Brecht

    Meet Brecht, farmer at Park Abbey

    Brecht Goussey (46) is one of the three farmers who run small-scale organic farms on the Abbey site. Brecht and his colleagues founded 'De BoerEnCompagnie' in 2017. “I always wanted to be a farmer when I was little."
  • Nelly

    Tourist about Park Abbey: Nelly

    Bulgarian tourist Aneliya visited the abbey site together with a friend who lives here in Belgium. She was deeply impressed. “This place has a soul. It’s like the abbey is wrapped in mysticism and silence.”
  • Myriam van De Wikke

    A shopkeeper about Park Abbey: Myriam

    Myriam runs the Abbey shop. Over the past five years, this has grown from a head of lettuce under an umbrella into a fully fledged organic shop. “I’ve even had someone come in asking to buy consecrated wafers!”
  • Uma Wijnants en Marina Coomans

    Church in Need: the first partner organization

    Even before the restoration, 'Church In Need' came to Park Abbey. "We have upgraded the Wagon House and now help to safeguard the religious character of the abbey," Uma and Marina of the charity organization tell.
  • André Kockaerts

    André: the intruder who became organist

    André Kockaerts (72) may have spent more time on the Abbey site than anyone else. He is sexton, organist, choir leader, and much more. And he also has the gift of the gab...
  • Werken aan de zuidvleugel

    A preview of 2019

    2019 marks the eighth year of the major restoration of Park Abbey. The works are very visible on the abbey site. High time for a run-down of which steps will be taken in 2019.
  • De Abdij van Park

    About 2018

    Take a leap in time and look at what the year 2018 meant on the abbey site.
  • De Vredesbeiaard in de klokkentoren

    Abbey news: Peace Carillon to play every Wednesday

    As of 14 November, you can listen to the Peace Carillon every Wednesday. Luc Rombouts, coordinator and driving force behind the new carillon, can call himself the Peace Carillon’s dedicated carillonneur.
  • Religie. Helend. Verdelend.

    Abbey news: New exposition in PARCUM

    On November 8th, PARCUM, the museum for religion, art and culture in Park Abbey, reopens its doors with the exhibition Religion - Healing - Dividing.
  • De vrijwilligers die het archief van de abdij ontsluiten

    Locals about Park Abbey: The archive’s volunteers

    On a voluntary basis, local residents are unlocking the archives of Park Abbey. “You need to have a certain passion for old documents, and to sense when you are stumbling onto something valuable. But we form a good team”,
  • Asli

    Locals about Park Abbey: Asli

    Asli Tezcan and her family are fervent visitors of parks all over the world. Recenlty, the Park Abbey gained a special place in their heart.

  • Jogchum Vrielink

    Locals about Park Abbey: Jogchum

    Birdwatcher Jogchum (41) often takes his children to Abdij van Park. “There are so many great animal species there. My sons are seeing these animals for the first time and their enthusiasm is infectious.”
  • Charlotte en Spike

    Locals about Park Abbey: Charlotte

    Charlotte (22) and her dog Spike take walks through Park Abbey three or four times every day. “We enjoy the birds, the peace, the ponds… There is always something to see – I come home with a new story every day.”
  • Eline Naud

    Locals about Park Abbey: Eline

    Eline (31) likes to spend her free time taking walks. “I regularly go to Park Abbey because it’s so beautiful there. While I’m walking there, I like to reminisce about my grandparents, who brought me to the abbey site when I was young,” she says.
  • Johny van de KWB

    Locals about Park Abbey: Johny

    The KWB Park Heverlee stands for social commitment. “We organise numerous activities, including the Park Festivities, brunches, excursions, etc. The goal is to bring people together”, explains chairman Johny Behets.
  • Raf loopt

    Locals about Park Abbey: Raf

    Raf has lived near the abbey for more than 10 years. He sees the site every day. “It is a beautiful nature reserve close to the city and near my home."
  • Fietsers rijden onder de Norbertuspoort

    Locals about Park Abbey: Sven

    Cyclist Sven often passes through Park Abbey. “There is nothing that gets on your nerves at the abbey: no traffic, no ugly buildings along the road… Being there makes me feel truly happy.”
  • Sylvan op de abdijsite

    Locals about Park Abbey: Sylvan

    Mercy Sylvan Nafulah (26) discovered the abbey thanks to her boyfriend Marcel, who planned their romantic first date there. It was perfect. “When we’re here, we really make time for each other,” Sylvan says happily.
  • Zeger

    Locals about Park Abbey: Zeger

    Zeger Debyser is the chairman of the non-profit organisation ‘Friends of Park Abbey’. The Friends help to make the heritage accessible, to maintain the gardens, and to support the Abbey’s image. “Together, we make it even more beautiful here.”
  • Luc Rombouts bespeelt de Vredesbeiaard.

    Locals about Park Abbey: carillonneur Luc

    The new Peace carillon will resound from the tower of the abbey church on November 11. One man will glow with pride: university carillonneur Luc Rombouts, who is behind the reconstruction.
  • Abdij van Park door de lens van Chantale

    Locals about the abbey: Chantale

    Amateur photographer Chantale comes to the Abbey site. “The way the light falls on the Park Abbey is particularly beautiful. When you go for a walk there, you constantly have something different in your line of view.”
  • Stadsimker Staf

    Locals about the abbey: city bee-keeper Staf

    Staf Kamers installed his first hives at the abbey's tithe barn in the 1980s. Now there is a beautiful, modern bee shed with 15 to 20 hives.
  • Wilfried Van de Sande

    Meet Wilfried, the grandson of the abbey's cook

    Wilfried Van de Sande has been coming to Park Abbey since he was little. All thanks to his grandfather, who used to live in the Maria gate. "I even thought of starting a restaurant there once!”
  • Outdoor yoga

    Park Abbey news: Outdoor yoga

    It was a cool and cloudy morning July 21st when people arrived for a special outdoor yoga class at Park Abbey. The abbey was peaceful as ever and there was an immediate sense of serenity as you strolled into the central courtyard...
  • Vijver één

    Park Abbey news: Pond work

    After several weeks of mowing and maintenance, the ponds in Park Abbey are once again filled with water. The difference between now and a month ago is enormous!
  • Sound bath

    Park Abbey news: Yoga sound bath

    On 29 September, the abbey stood tall and proud, serving as the backdrop for an outdoor yoga sound bath. Yoga teacher Erica Lutes guided students through a series of peaceful poses, enhanced by soothing sounds, and aided by deep reflection.
  • Sarah op de abdijsite

    Locals about Park Abbey: Sarah

    Sarah, 25, thinks Park Abbey is a fantastic place to spend time. “If you visit the Abbey often enough, you’ll see that the seasons are clearly defined here!”
  • Jana op de abdijsite

    Visitors about Park Abbey: Jana

    Park Abbey is where Jana goes to find peace and quiet. “It’s close to the city, yet the city feels very far away. Here you can forget the pressures of daily life for a little while.”
  • Paul De Grauwe

    Locals about Park Abbey: Paul

    Professor Paul De Grauwe (71) has been visiting Park Abbey for years. “It's an important place, both religiously and culturally. I’ve passed by there many times during my career, but now I go there more than ever.”
  • Raj op de Lindendreef

    Visitors about Park Abbey: Raj

    Raj and his wife discovered the abbey together. "We just ended up here while we were out walking. And I still love to walk as much as I did back then."
  • Sofie en haar familie

    Locals about Park Abbey: Sofie

    Sofie and her family live close to the Abdij van Park. “We’re really city people, but very much enjoy wandering around the Abbey."
  • Abdij van Park | op de abdijsite

    Locals about Park Abbey: Mano

    Mano Jai (23) got to know the abbey as a student. “In my third year I chanced upon the abbey. Suddenly I was surrounded by green splendour! I fell in love instantly.”
  • De picknick en het leesvoer van Karen

    Locals about Park Abbey: Karen

    Karen often takes a stack of books with her to the Abdij van Park. “I thinks it’s the idyllic place to devour a book. It is absolutely silent, letting you get fully immersed in the story.”
  • Lisa Van Ransbeeck

    Meet Lisa, archaeologist at the abbey

    As an archaeologist, Lisa Van Ransbeeck is like a kid in a candy shop at the Park Abbey. Among other things, she has searched for the remains of the old Romanesque church...