Dialogue museum for religion, art, and culture

Dialogue museum PARCUM offers temporary thematic exhibitions at the crossroads of religion, art, and culture by showcasing never-before-seen heritage pieces from churches, abbeys and monasteries.

PARCUM pays attention to the interaction between contemporary themes and religious heritage, between believers and non-believers, between different denominations and ideologies, between young people and elderly people.

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Bij nader inzien

21.04.2018 - 24.06.2018

On closer inspection

Our society has an especially rich religious heritage. Countless religious objects are tucked away in churches, monasteries, and convents. The massive amount of heritage forces us to make choices. But how do you make a well-thought-out choice? Which pieces are valuable? What seems kitschy at first glance? What has to be closely guarded?

‘On Closer Inspection’ allows you, the visitor, to make these choices personally and provides you with the information you would do well to keep in mind when making these. Discover the many faces of religious heritage and be surprised by their unexpected meanings and stories.




Abdij van Park 7
3001 Leuven