8 reasons to visit the renovated M-Museum Leuven

  • 1. There is a brandnew, interactive app that proposes a customised route just for you. Enter how much time you have and what you prefer to see, and the app will then guide you through the museum. Free from Google Play or the App Store.
  • 2. The museum presents a fairly unique mix of old and contemporary art. The works are organised by theme rather than time period. So art from the Middle Ages rubs elbows with pieces from today.
  • 3. The prettiest terrace in the city can be found on the M roof this summer. At BAR|A|MUZE, you can enjoy four weeks of comedy, titillating literature, music, and delicious cocktails.
  • 4. The museum will be organising M-idzomer in its courtyard garden in the middle of the summer. It’s an eclectic culture and music festival that promises to be a surprising mix of music, dance, performance art, films, and exhibitions. 
  • 5. Get off to your own start in the renovated museum. For example, you can learn how you view art yourself using eye tracking: a camera will trace your eye movements and gives you your viewing DNA.
  • 6. And it doesn’t stop at just viewing. You can now also touch and smell the artwork to discover the stories behind the objects yourself.
  • 7. Yet another innovative implementation is that it isn’t just the curators who are setting up the exhibitions at M. The museum is given an entire room to the public every year now. This year is being taken care of by eight Leuven residents with a migrant background.
  • 8. M reopens with a lot of contemporary artwork. A large overview of works by Aurélien Froment and a new installation by Cécile B. Evans. Oh, and before we forget, everyone gets in free on 11 June!

M-Museum Leuven

Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000 Leuven