7x reasons to come to Leuven Beer Weekends

Leuven Innovation Beer Festival
  • 1. Because there’s something for every beer lover in the huge selection. Both the ordinary lover of the better hoppy goodness and the biggest beer geek can make hoppy discoveries there.

  • 2. Because, for the fifth year in a row, organiser Hof Ten Dormaal has been attracting the most innovative brewers from all over the world to Leuven for the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival.

  • 3. Because you can taste 500 different beers at the Zythos Beer Festival.

  • 4. Because at Food & Hops, the best food shops in Leuven pair their best products with special beers. Craft beer and craftsmanship go hand-in-hand.

Food & Hops
  • 5. Because all locations are easily accessible by public transport so that beer tasting and safe travel go hand-in-hand.

  • 6. Because you can taste beer between the brew kettles in which Stella Artois was first made and because De Hoorn is a unique location in the Belgian brewing history.

  • 7. Because if one city can rightly call itself the place to be(er), it is Leuven. Tasting beer and enjoying culinary delights is in our city’s DNA.