7x Cycling in Leuven

Visitors often say that Leuven is a true cycling city. They are amazed by the crowds of students taking to the streets of the city centre and the locals pedalling to school or work by bike.

They also tell us that it’s incredibly lovely to cycle in Leuven. The city centre is almost completely car-free, making the bicycle a perfect way to explore the city. Moreover, you can be out in nature after barely 10 minutes of cycling in any direction.

Dirk, Leuven’s first bicycle courier, will be happy to give you his tips. He cycles 17,500 kilometres a year to deliver orders around the city.

  • You can rent a bike at several places in Leuven.
  • The abbeys route is a bicycle tour that combines nature and culture. This will take you to Leuven’s four abbeys. Nice to know: you have the most beautiful view of the city from the Keizersberg Abbey garden. Although, you’ve got a serious climb before you get there.
  • An ideal stop along the way is the In De Rozenkrans bicycle café where you can eat your own picnic on their sidewalk terrace while sipping on one of their drinks.
  • An enthusiastic guide from the new ‘Lovely Leuven Bike tour’ organisation will lead you to the most beautiful spots and hidden gems in Leuven. You will get fun facts and anecdotes about the 20 or so stops along the way.
  • You can plan your own route via the cycling network. These points are located on the most beautiful, safest cycling paths and can be identified by a number on a white & green sign. The major advantage of this system is that you as a cyclist can decide for yourself how far and along which route you want to cycle.
  • Don’t worry if you get a flat tyre along the way! There are four ‘bicycle repair kiosks’ around the city that you can use for free. You will find a bike pump, screwdrivers, Allen keys, wrenches, and tyre levers.
  • Would you like to get more personal tips? You’ll often find me at Lettuce Leuven in the afternoons; this is where I go take a break and recharge my batteries.

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