4x Arenberg Festival

by the Arenbergs

We, the nobility, have a reputation for not being accessible enough. Luckily, the Arenberg Festival is breaking with this tradition. For three months, you’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life in our family in Leuven. What was life like for us in the past and what’s it like now? What roles do we play in politics, the economy, and culture? What is the history behind our castle in Heverlee and what is it like to live in a castle? We’re proud to present the following ongoing activities.

Expo M-Museum Leuven | Macht en schoonheid
  • 1. Exhibition in M-Museum Leuven | Power and Beauty
    We’re all looking forward to this the most! Our historic art collection has once again been brought back together completely in this exhibition. Artworks by masters such as Rubens, Veronese, Dürer, and Jordaens, which are currently spread out across museums and collections around the world, will give you insights into our comfortable lifestyle. The centuries-old ballgowns and masquerade costumes are also given a place of honour in this gorgeous museum.
Expo in universiteitsbibliotheek | Adellijk wonen
  • 2. Exhibition in the University Library | Noble living
    This exhibition is all about our favourite residence, the Arenberg Castle. Its extraordinary history is covered, but we’re particularly interested in discovering the unexecuted architectural dreams of Uncle Charles III de Croÿ, recreated in 3D. And I’m hoping to find my former chambermaid in one of the many photographs. ;
Ontdekkingstoch door het kasteel
  • 3. Tour of the Arenberg Castle
    Apparently, there are a lot of people interested in finding out what our castle looks like inside. Well, we’ve got good news for you! Because the castle doors are being thrown wide open exclusively for the festival. You can tour it with a (Dutch) guide every Sunday. Book your tickets here.
  • 4. Nature walks 
    The forests and nature have always been very economically important to us. We are quite proud of the gorgeous green ‘lung’ around Leuven that has resulted from this. You can discover the stories behind the centuries-old cathedral beeches, hidden boundary stones, burial hills, and sand quarries on a guided tour. And you may even spot a deer!

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